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The Secretary-General, 1 December 2012: The Millennium Development Goal for HIV/AIDS is clear: to halt and begin to reverse the epidemic by 2015.  Thanks to the determined efforts of governments and civil society, success is in sight. 

02 déc 2012

16 novembre 2012

Promouvoir l’entente et la tolérance est un acte fondamental pour le XXIe siècle. Dans un monde de plus en plus globalisé où les sociétés deviennent plus diversifiées, la tolérance est l’élément central du vivre-ensemble.

15 nov 2012

24 October 2012 - We are living through a period of profound turmoil, transition and transformation. Insecurity, inequality and intolerance are spreading. Global and national institutions are being put to the test.

23 oct 2012

New York, 25 September 2012

We gather annually in this great hall to look soberly, and without illusion, at the state of our world.

This year, I am here to sound the alarm about our direction as a human family.

26 sep 2012